Who are we?

We’re a hotel management company with experience in managing domestic, international franchises and independent properties as well. CHN hoteles is a reliable company designed for you to enjoy your investment and we will do the job.



Generate pleasant work environments, profitable with great satisfaction for owners and customers.


To be considered as a reliable and innovative hotel management company, with highly trained personnel, with the appropriate use of resources, maximize the results of the business units.



It is essential to create a link with each of our collaborators and customers; this expresses our compromise to the society with trust and responsibility.


We will fully utilize our efforts, capabilities, talents and skills to be innovative and dynamic, constantly updated.


Be honest, sincere and responsible for our actions, always do the right thing even if nobody is watching us. We will act in accordance with right things, maintaining our integrity as person and as a company.


Our best achievement is when we exceed the expectations of our customers. That is the service of excellence that distinguishes us as a team, always seek to be better, seeking perfection.

Management Company


CHN Hotel Franchises

Whether low-budget or standard, we have our very own franchises that allows us to offer a fresh and friendly option where the main interest is to optimize your investment and create a top position within a market full of competitive hotel chains.

CHN Hoteles Economy:

Pleasant and functional ambiances for the modern traveler that likes to combine business and pleasure.

CHN Hoteles Business:

Focused on technology and open spaces with options of dining facilities, comfortable average-sized rooms with everything for a nice stay, with meeting rooms, gym, swimming pool and landscaped areas.

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